Aglow International – Matteson – Single Moms is a local 501(c)3 community organization which provides support, networking, encouragement, helpful information and resources to single moms and their children in the local area through speakers and events. Starting in 2012 Aglow has hosted various activities for single mothers including a Valentine’s Day Dinner for the moms and their children and a Spa Day to celebrate Mothers Day. We’ve also been fortunate to have speakers who provided our single moms with information on personal finances (including saving and budgeting tips), goal setting, the importance of taking time for yourself and women’s health issues (such as the importance of health screenings, good nutrition, and exercise). We make sure that single moms feel special, loved, and greatly appreciated for their commitment to managing households, work, and finances while raising their children.

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1)Feel Special, Loved and Supported

2)Build Self Esteem

3)Learn Organization Tips

4)Learn Time Management Tips

6)Set up directory – reliable plumbers, handymen

7)Set up help – cleaning, organizing

8)Learn budgeting – Money Tips


10)Deliverance from feelings of guilt, rejection or that they are not enough

11)Help to experience God’s unconditional love on a daily basis

Donating Options

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