“As president of the Single Moms Group, I had so many different ideas as to what direction the group should go. So far, I’m very pleased with the speakers and the services we have provided. The speakers have provided a wealth of information and the women should feel confident in proceeding with their finances, mental, and physical health. I hope we continue to grow as a group and be a support in the community for the women.”

Patricia Dunlap-Heard

“I really enjoy and look forward to attending the meetings for the Aglow International Single Mom’s Group. It is a great forum for women to learn and exchange information. At each meeting, I have learned a new concept to apply to life, in order to make it that much more fulfilling, rewarding and effective. Thank you for inviting me and I will continue to learn, grow and share with the women of Aglow International.”

Lolitha McKinney

“Aglow is a very worthwhile ministry. I have benefited from the women’s fellowship and the personal development seminars on personal finance, preventative healthcare and other topics of significance in my life. Aglow is truly a blessing!”
Dr. Dianne Daniels

“I appreciate the fellowship with other single moms and the network of encouragement, support and information.”
Damika Davis

“It has given me great motivation and encouragement as a parent. It has shown me that I am not alone and how much of an impact I have.”
Ranteria Kholoni

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